BREAKING: Trump Assassination Attempt Last Night – Here’s Who Is Behind It

The work of the Secret Services was cut out for them this past week, especially this weekend, as just 12 hours after security was breached at the White House, with a second fence-jumper Saturday, another third horrific attempt to take out our President was made.

Just as things were settling down from a second White House fence-jumper on Saturday, where a man made it to the front door of the White House where he shook the doorknob and was free to do whatever he pleased for around 17 minutes before he was finally detained, another attempt to get inside the First Family’s new home was made just last night. This marks the third security breach in just one week.

Reports from Fox News claim taht a man was taken into custody at the checkpoint, after he apparently drove up to the guards which prevented him from passing through, and said he had a bomb in his vehicle. “He was immediately taken into custody, and the White House was put on high alert. Surrounding streets were closed through the night. His vehicle was searched,” TMZ reported.

Luckily for President Trump and his family, he was not present in the White House at the moment, during the time of the attacks. Instead he was at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

For now, it is still unknown whether or not there was an actual bomb found in the vehicle, as we are waiting for more details.

If you ask us, the real guilt falls on the shoulders of Democrats, who have perpetuated this deranged mentality in people, by allowing assassination threats to flourish everywhere on the internet, and motivating people to actually try and do something like that. And they dare blame Trump for dividing our country and hate speech? Idiots…

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