Hillary Clinton Gets TRAGIC News – Republicans Cancel Her “Privileged Entitlements”

A new photo of Hillary out in public is going viral faster than any real sighting of bigfoot could. Because she finally left the bunker she has been hiding out in.The former Secretary of State was spotted on a commercial aircraft.

But just leaving the bunker is not enough to go viral these days. It helps to add a dash of humiliation if nyou really want to go viral.The former Secretary of State was spotted on a commercial aircraft.

And the former Secretary of State has humiliations galore after was spotted on a commercial aircraft. Commerical? What happened to all the big donors with their private jets that used to ferry her around like a private taxi service?

You gotta win baby to get the perks of your corruption. No one wants to bribe a powerless leper. It’s bad for business.

She hasn’t flown commercially since Bill won in 1992. She had air force one and then she had the private jets of Clinton foundation and other political donors at her disposal.

Caitlin Quigley, a manager for the New York-based LGBTQ heath care center Callen-Lorde, took a picture of her fallen hero and posted Hillary’s new transport mode for the world to see.

Hillary was flying from Boston’s Logan Airport to New York’s LaGuardia when it was taken.

Hillary’s liberal fans, still not willing to let go of the dream tweeted the photo viral. Many of her loud obnoxious, but non-voting, supporters went gaga for Hillary.

They pointed out she was reading Friday’s issue of USA Today, which ran a front-page story on Vice President Mike Pence’s use of a private email address when he was Governor of Indiana.

Hoping for a miracle scandal that might take down Pence and Trump and see her installed on her “throne.”

Not gonna happen.

Pence told the media there is “no comparison whatsoever between Hillary Clinton’s practice of having a private server and mishandling classified information, destroying emails when they were requested by the Congress and by officials.”

Hillary’s fans still believe she was wronged, not that she did it to herself. Look, we have FOIA laws for one important reason – politicians work for us and we have a right to know what they are doing.

By willfully trying to circumvent the law she disqualified her from higher office and kicked sand into the face of every law-abiding America.

But we weren’t fooled and we sent her packing back to commercial. Next, she will be flying coach and when that ignominy sets in her humiliation will be complete.

Because unlike Ivanka, who flies coach because she wants to, Hillary feels entitled to first class and private jets.

Don’t worry Hillary, you will get used to losing. Or think of it this way – there are a lot of deplorable’s in coach who would love to chat with you.

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