WATCH: Whoopi ATTACKS Trump And His Administration On LIVE TV – THIS IS BAD !!!

There was a talking point on “The View” this week about the investigation of the allegations of connections between President Trump and Russia. It soon turned into an all out fiasco as they started attacking the President.

Whoopi kept referring to President Trump as “The New Guy,” and later said that he “does not appear to have any skin” when something is said about him.

“Yeah. They know who I mean,” she replied, talking about the audience. This woman needs to get her act together. She shouldn’t be speaking for her audience as they might not share the same thoughts as her.

She brought up how Trump used to ask questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, criticized President George W. Bush for the Iraq War, and said President Clinton was “the worst abuser of women to sit in the Oval Office.” These are all in the past and she is just trying to start something.

Whoopi and her friends on ‘The View’ have gotten in a lot of trouble lately about their treatment of the newly elected President. This does not even come as a surprise. She will continue to attack Trump any chance she can get. The worst part about what she says is that the things she says are totally false. She makes stuff up in order to brain wash her audience.

Soon enough, Whoopi will get taken off the air for all of the lies she has been spreading. The things she says causes great harm to the President and his family because her audience will trust what she says.

Are you guys tired of seeing Whoopi bad mouth our President?

Should she be punished?

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