BREAKING: 2 Wealthy Families Just Promised Trump A Million New Jobs

Democrats will swear up and down that tax cuts will only benefit the wealthy and that they will never lead to a single job. Two families, iconic in America for generations, have just proven that to be false. The Rothschilds and the Gettys, with a combined net worth of more than $400 billion, have committed to spending buckets of their own dollars to create a million jobs.

The two families are joining forces to help build new infrastructure for clean coal and safe fracking companies as well as new pipelines to span the country from the oil-rich tundras of Alaska to the deep-water rigs of the gulf. Under president Trump’s new affordable energy initiative, the new Roth-Getty Corporation, as it will be called, will secure a future for a million Americans.

The initiative, which would guarantee the company tax-free operation for the first five years and subsidize the cost of the jobs for another 15, will ensure that the company is able to continue to grow and hire more people. The cost of the program is being offset with cuts to unnecessary social programs like The national Endowment for the Arts and public Broadcasting. These programs in the past have been nothing but a strain on the economy. If liberal elitists want to paint, sculpt and broadcast lies about our President, they can pay for it themselves.

And THAT is called making America Great Again!


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