Trump’s MAJOR Policy Shift On Sharia Law Has Obama And The Muslim Brotherhood FURIOUS

It’s a well-known fact that Barack Obama, secret Muslim and friend of the terrorist organization The Muslim Brotherhood, would love to see Sharia Law instituted in America, at least in our family courts. In a statement just last year, Obama said that Muslim families “should be allowed to enforce their own customs and beliefs as mandated by their religion.”

What that means is that Obama believes that the law of one religion is more important than that of the United States and that while government should stay out of religion altogether, it’s perfectly OK to allow this one religion to seep into our court systems and set precedent over our citizens.

In a move that has Obama and the members of his cabinet who belong to the Muslim brotherhood fuming, Donald trump has let the administration know that any executive orders that are signed that would allow a Mullah to have jurisdiction over legal matters in America won’t be tolerated and that he intends to submit a constitutional amendment that would make Sharia Law unconstitutional.

Trump insider Corey Lewandowski informed CNN that the president-Elect would not stand for any religion not welcome by a majority of Americans having any influence over our laws:

“The only religion worthy of influencing laws in America is Christianity. Our country is a nation of laws that were established by God-fearing men who would turn over in their graves if a judge had to give custody to a father instead of a mother who was more fit simply because a pagan book says it should be so.”

It’s about time someone stood up in this country and told the “politically correct” left that there’s no way we’re going to allow any religion other than the one that founded this nation to interfere with our government.

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