BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Puts Obama Administration to an End

Trey Gowdy just did his part in helping Donald Trump get rid of all of the Obama people that were still in DC. Gowdy, nearly single handedly, got rid of the old corrupt ways of Obama for ever. Gowdy has now made it clear that Obama will quickly be forgotten as he has gotten rid of almost all of Obama’s failed policies.

We knew that Gowdy would go to work as he promised he would make it a priority to get rid of the poisonous practices of Obama — and it didn’t matter who would fight him while he was in Washington. He has worked wonders in pushing the agenda of conservatives around the country.  Maybe conservatives do not appreciate him as much as we should because much of his work is done in the shadows.

Gowdy had this to say about his accomplishment, “The House Judiciary Committee’s passage of a bill to stop an Obama-era slush fund policy is nothing less than Congress taking back its constitutional powers lost over the last eight years. The Executive Branch should never be allowed to circumvent Congress to reward groups simply because they share an agenda with the current administration.”


He put the hammer to the nail with that one. Congress lost so much of its constitutional power over the last 8 years, and we are finally seeing its reemergence. It should be fun to see what they can get done now that they do not have Obama breathing down their necks.

“There is a reason the Constitution specifically grants Congress the power to appropriate.” If you listen carefully, the quiet whimper of the liberals is sweeping over the nation. No more will conservative lawmakers be held back by a incompetent Commander in Chief such as Obama.

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