BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Created 100K More Jobs With One Phone Call To A HUGE Company

After signing executive orders to keep our inner cities safe, Donald Trump took another giant step forward by using his actions to create more than 100,000 new jobs! With just one phone call, Corporate Corrections of America, Inc. has agreed to build 100 new private prisons and employ 1000 people at each.

The White House Office of Information and Propaganda released this statement about the deal:

CCAI will begin contruction immediately of new facilities that will house the worst of the inner city thugs who have plagued our streets with violence and civil disobedience. Not only will the thieves and murderers be incarcerated and taken out of society, but those who would most likely turn to a life of crime in their early adult years.

If you’re over 18 and you’re caught with marijuana, driving unlicensed or so much as jaywalking in our inner cities, be prepared to spend the best years of your lives providing an income for 100,000 hard-working Americans.

President Trump is determined to make America safe again if it means locking up every potential gang member in America.

Not only is America now safe for law-abiding people, we’re also that much closer to eliminating Obama’s dreadful 41 percent unemployment rate when adjusted for who left the job market, part-time workers and people who are unhappy with their current employment. The new prison jobs will start at minimum wage for service workers and go all the way up to $11 per hour for qualified guards. That should bring out the cream of the crop.

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Yet another example of just what Donald Trump is doing for America. God bless him.

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