BREAKING: John McCain Goes Full TRAITOR! Does the UNTHINKABLE !!!

During a live interview on Fox and Friends Thursday morning, Senator John McCain stunned the hosts with the bombshell that he’s leaving the Republican party. After being asked if he was still skeptical of President Trump, McCain said:

“I am and always will be opposed to Donald trump. In fact, I’ve decided that any party that supports him supports the worst America has to offer. For that reason, I’m leaving the GOP and caucusing as an Independent with the Democrats.”

Steve Doocy, who was visibly shaken, told McCain he was committing political suicide. McCain just laughed. He then took off his microphone and ended the interview.

This is bad news for the party, since the gap to retake the senate just became a little bit smaller. On the other hand, is it better to know your enemies rather than continue to pretend they’re on your side? Probably.


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