BREAKING: Leaked Pictures Of Obama’s White House Residence Will Make You Sick

One thing that has always been sacred is the residence of the White House. Over the years, very few pictures have been released of the private side of the executive mansion other than the main sitting room and the President’s study. At one point or another, every room has been photographed under one president or another, but you very rarely get a glimpse of the feel of the entire two-story residence that houses the first family.

Pictures Of Obama’s White House are particularly hard to come by and now we know why. These images, taken by a staff member who couldn’t stay silent about the private lives of the Obamas any longer, prove what everyone has said about them all along:

A closet off of the 3rd-floor guest bath was converted to house this “Wada,” a specialized sink for two that is used to wash before Muslim prayers. It allows the user to wash their feet and backside in accordance with Muslim law. There is no record of this item being installed or removed, but there is a record of a plumbing service at the mansion for 2 days immediately following the 2009 inauguration and another for 2 days just before they left. The closet is said to be a closet once again.

This is a picture of the wall above Malia Obama’s bed. It’s a prayer calling for all women to serve their men and Allah. The staffer said all of the beds in the residence had white Egyptian cotton sheets, also in accordance with Sharia Law.

This third-floor room was converted from a storage room to a prayer room, complete with rugs, copies of the Quran and other Muslim texts, prayer pillows and a statement of faith hanging on the wall. The angled wall is the inside of the upper White House parapet, meaning while the Obama’s knelt in prayer facing east, the Secret Service were patrolling literally just yards away.

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The only room that seems somewhat normal is Sasha’s, although she does have several items, including the poster above her bed, that show that she may be growing up a lesbian. The Muslims don’t approve, but hey…this is the Obama family. They make their own rules.

Sources say there was a week before the Obamas left that the residence was shut down to all but family so they could remove their Muslim belongings. While moving trucks showed up to take their everyday items, the tunnels were used to transport the more controversial items discreetly through the old executive building and Blair house to unmarked vans in garages out of public view.

The Obamas certainly do seem to be ashamed of their religion.

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