HAPPENING NOW: John Lewis Bans Trump From Major City

This week, Donald Trump and Congressman John Lewis have been going head-to-head in a feud that has many Democrats refusing to attend the inauguration. The dispute began when Lewis said he did not consider Trump to be a “legitimate president.”

Trump responded by calling Lewis out for the crime rates in his city, claiming he was “all talk, no action.”

Now, Lewis has just told Chuck Todd that he will never invite Trump to Selma, Alabama.

In an interview that was broadcast on Sunday, Lewis said he would not invite Trump to visit Selma—the site of historical civil rights marches. He also noted he would not stop Trump from visiting if he decided to do so.

“Well, by going to Selma—like President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama—maybe he would learn something. Maybe he would get religion,” Lewis said during the interview on NBC.

“I would not invite him to come,” he added.

What do you think? Does this incredibly disrespectful behavior need to stop?

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