Trey Gowdy Physically Attacked In Cogress On Live TV – Waht Happened Next Will Make You Laugh !!!

During a live interview with CNN, while former prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy was answering a question, something pretty interesting happened that was caught by public eye.

The CNN anchor asked him what was his opinion on today’s testimony for the FBI Director on Capitol Hill. Member of both intelligence and judiciary committee centers replied, “Same thing I thought this time last year, last fall. It’s a very difficult job. Tough facts make for tough conclusions.”

Gowdy then added, “I do understand the frustration of my friends on the other side, but the reality is I think Secretary Clinton is primarily responsible for the position that director Comey found himself in, but I do admit difficult facts make for unusual conclusions.”

But, if you watch the video, you can see his colleague Rep. Sean Duffy flicking his ear in the middle of the interview. Gowdy was so professional he acted like he didn’t even notice the flick. Duffy wanted to test his patience, but he failed to destruct him even live on TV.

Gowdy didn’t even turn the head, or he didn’t even blink or made any other facial expression.

Rep. Sean Duffy took to Twitter to write, “Just had to check, and it’s confirmed: @TGowdySC has ice water in his veins- doesn’t even skip a beat.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy once again proved how professional he is and that nobody can mess with him.

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