BREAKING: You Won’t BELIVE What Just Happend To Kaepernick Today – THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER !!!

Last year, the NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick made the headlines when he refused to stand for the national anthem before his games. He made the unthinkable and said that he was doing that because the US is a “racist” country. However, this move just hit him in his head in a BIG WAY, so he got fired.

Kaepernick is among the first who began the movement of black athletes kneeling for the national anthem. Today, he is telling his future clubs that he will stand for the national anthem and won’t ever do that again, but unfortunately for him, the phone isn’t ringing.

Players have been signing contracts at a lightning-fast pace around the NFL for the last three days, with almost all of the top players already signed just 72 hours after free agency started. Even former lackluster Chicago Bear’s quarterback, Jay Cutler got a call from the Jets, but there’s no news about one of the most talked-about players during the 2016 season: Colin Kaepernick.

In the time when Colin made the headlines, President Trump was elected and put an end to these anti-American dirty games.

The American people have spoken, and no real American wants this disgraceful player in his team. The NFL teams will remember him as an American hating icon and for disrespecting our badged heroes.

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