LEAKED VIDEO: Senate Republicans Planning To ILLEGALLY Impeach President Trump!

It’s well-known that President Trump didn’t just destroy the Democrats this election cycle, he upended the Republicans, as well. It’s all part of the process of “draining the swamp,” which he’s been doing admirably ever since (and he’s not even in office yet!).

But while it’s easy to think the Democrats are the only elites, they’re not. McCain and others in the other Republicans in Congress are not fans of President Trump, and in the wake of his election, they’ve been making noises about the possibility of forcing President Trump to step down — they just got lost under the gnashing and wailing of the liberals.

While speaking to the Arizona Republic last week, John McCain noted that:

“Yes, President Trump won. But we’re looking into ways that we can mitigate any possible damage that he can do.”

Damage, you say? Well, it gets worse. In a leaked private discussion with donors on Friday, Mitch McConnell told the crowd that:

“If you’re worried about the possibility of President Donald Trump, don’t be. We’re currently exploring options in the Senate and House that could curtail much of, or even eliminate the possibility entirely, that he could do damage.”

You’ll note that they keep going back to “he could do damage.” This is because they’re part of the same corrupt system that the Democrats are, and we forget this at our own peril. Just how much peril?

Well, Mike Pence is his VP candidate, and Pence is, for all intents and purposes, a political man. He ran the state of Indiana, and he’s been a senator in the past. Pence is a career politician, as opposed to President Trump, who isn’t. If they force President Trump to step down, that means a President Pence, and we’re back to business as usual.

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Surely they won’t force President Trump to step down, right? Right? If you think that, you clearly don’t understand how emboldened the elites the Republicans actually are. In that same discussion, McConnell raised the specter of impeachment:

I, I can’t say that we’re going to try and impeach him, but impeachment isn’t necessarily off the table. We’re going to have to wait and see, but it’s something I’ve discussed with Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and others in the past. It’s . . . let’s say it’s a possibility.

And what grounds do they have to impeach President Trump on?

Let’s look at this in all honesty for a moment; we don’t really have a lot to impeach Trump on. His character is far from impeccable, but he’s done nothing illegal. So if we do go for impeachment, and I’m not saying we will, but I’m saying it’s a possibility, if we do go for it, then we’ll have to drum something up. It’s not like there isn’t a standing precedent for it.

I mean, you can’t deny that a President Pence would be vastly more preferable to President Trump. Pence is more predictable, he’s a better man, and he’ll work better with the rest of us than Trump will. He also won’t threaten trade deals, and he won’t rock the economic boat, so to speak.

So according to McConnell, if and when they try to impeach President Trump, it’ll be on made up charges.

This is illegal and outrageous, but what can you expect from the globalists anymore in their desperate bid to hold onto power?

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You can watch the video here, on LiveLeak.

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