A Drunken Alec Baldwin Just Got Knocked Out On The Streets Of New York By A Trump Supporter (PHOTOS)

Cleaned up B-list performing artist and fizzled entertainer Alec Baldwin might need to take some time to consider the way he depicts our leader. Baldwin, who has been draining numbskull liberals for giggles for quite a long time with his despicable Trump impact on Saturday Night Live, was recently confronted with a gathering of Trump supporters who are tired of his poop, and we should simply say — the best man was left standing.

Points of interest are as yet growing, yet we have discovered that at some point in the early morning hours on Sunday, Baldwin was seen stunning down a New York City road, likely inebriated, when he went up against three men, one who was wearing a Make America Great cap, and began hollering inconsiderate things and abuse at them while they were simply tending to their very own concerns.

The men attempted to quiet him down, however one got sustained up and asked him for what good reason he won't quit being ill bred to President Trump. Obviously things heightened rapidly and Baldwin took a plastered swing at one of the men by then.

Huge misstep.

Observers who saw the ambush say that it just took one quick punch to send Alec to the ground for good. We have gotten these two selective photographs from a vacationer who saw the episode:

In these exclusive photos, it looks like Alec may have been dressed in some sort of costume, presumably from the SNL set.
It just took one punch from a real man to knock Baldwin out for the count!

As we as a whole know, Baldwin is not precisely known as a mainstay of the group. In 2007, a recording of him chiding his young little girl and calling her a "pig" on a voice message made a large portion of us wiped out (as it SHOULD!) when it was made open.

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I think the lesson of the story is, you're a one-trap horse, Alec. Time to locate another demonstration and quit being an unfunny snap before you truly get hurt!

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