BREAKING: 5 Liberal Terrorists Arrested At Capitol Planning To Assassinate President Trump

Five peaceful, tolerant liberals (ha ha) were just pulled from the crowd outside the capitol and charged with conspiracy to commit murder and domestic terrorism after Secret Service agents identified them as a left-wing terror cell responsible for riots in New York and Philadelphia after election day. Information streaming out of Washington says all five are American born citizens.

There is very little to go on so far, but Special Agent Zach Braniff told reporters that the killers were serious about their mission and were ready to bring the entire Capitol building down to accomplish their mission:

“They all had suicide vests on and their minivan was found to contain enough explosives to take out a large chunk of Capitol Hill. They were chanting about freedom of speech and choice, which clearly means they have been influenced by fake news and have zero respect for human life.”

The terrorists were whisked away for questioning at an undisclosed location and the area was cleared for the President’s speech this evening. This is a developing story the mainstream media isn’t talking about but we will certainly keep you updated as things develop.

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