New FEC Investigation: Clinton Accepted Massive Illegal Donation From This Well-Known Group

Clinton thought she was above the law…again.                                                                                                               .

The Federal Elections Commission announced today that it seek charges from the US attorney against Hillary Clinton and John Podesta for taking a massive cash donation from a foreign interest. According to records obtained in an independent investigation, the Clinton campaign accepted $10 million from The Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood has operations inside the United states, but the cash discovered came from their holdings in Egypt, which are listed by the state department as a terrorist operation. That makes the donation not only illegal under election law but under anti-terrorism laws as well.

The investigators who uncovered the books that led to the FEC’s involvement have remained under the radar for obvious reasons, as people who challenge the Clintons tend to end up in ditches or disappear altogether. A Clinton insider with ties to the money has already gone missing.

Once the money trail is mapped conclusively and the charges are filed, Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager could face 25 years in prison. This investigation was run separately from the congressional hearings. Congressman Gowdy’s office has said that while they are pleased with the outcome of the operation, they have no comment and no knowledge of the case.

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